Scalp MicroPigmentation

**Books are currently closed for SMP and will reopen in the Spring 2020.**

For Men: Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing solution for male hair loss in recent history. Scalp micropigmentation is the process of replicating the appearance of shaven hair, by introducing thousands of tiny pigment deposits into the epidermis of the scalp with a fine needle. When placed by a skilled technician, the recipient appears as if they have a full head of hair, shaved to a very short length. The client usually requires 2-3 sessions, but time varies depending on individual requirements. The process is repeated until both the technician and client are satisfied that the semblance of hair cannot be distinguished from the surrounding real hair.

For Women: Scalp micropigmentation has become a popular and fast growing solution for women who experience hair loss. Women can lose their hair for various reasons including stress, surgery, childbirth, and alopecia. Because of the nature of diffuse thinning in women’s hair, or the loss of hair evenly across the entire scalp, the primary goal of micropigmentation for women is to reduce the contrast between the hair and the bare scalp. This is done by repeatedly parting the hair in multiple sections while applying pigment to the bare areas of the scalp. The end result is a shaded scalp that creates the visual of noticeably thicker hair. Scalp micropigmentation is recommended primarily for women with dark or dark red hair, but each client will have the opportunity to discuss in detail the correct pigment color for her specific scalp.

NOTE: Cosmetic enhancements is a very sensitive subject and I am not always able to post all my work. I take your privacy very seriously and if you do not want me to use your photos, I will not post them on any social media or websites without your consent.