Permanent Makeup Corrections

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You are in luck! Permanent cosmetics can be corrected or improved in most situations. We can create balance and symmetry, and if needed remove pigment to correct color and shape.

The pigment removal process is a reversal method to applying a tattoo. The professional goes back into the dermis layer of the skin using a tattoo removal solution, similarly to how the tattoo was originally performed, which pulls the pigment implanted into the skin back to the surface. The skin will initially appear pink, but will quickly return to its original color. For permanent makeup tattoos, up to three treatments is usually necessary.

NOTE: Cosmetic enhancements is a very sensitive subject and I am not always able to post all my work. I wish I could post more of my correction work, but because of the traumatic experience some people go through getting bad permanent makeup I am not able too. I take privacy very seriously and if you do not want me to use your photos, I will not post them on any social media or websites without your consent.