Microblading "Hairstrokes"

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Microblading is a technique that offers clients a natural look that looks like real hair. Each stroke is placed using a very intricate design process based on the client’s natural hair growth. It is important to note that microblading is a form of tattooing. In fact, microblading is a pretty ancient form of tattooing, but quite a bit more refined now. Eyebrow services for hair strokes can be achieved by microblading them and/or by tattooing stokes with a digital machine. The difference is the instrument used, but the results are the same. Skin type will determine what method is best to receive the results you desire.

We will work with you to design the perfect eyebrow to your preference. Our technique includes the use of an effective topical anesthetic that numbs the brow area for maximum comfort. Say Good-bye to brow pencils and hello to permanent low maintenance brows!

NOTE: Cosmetic enhancements is a very sensitive subject and I am not always able to post all my work. I take your privacy very seriously and if you do not want me to use your photos, I will not post them on any social media or websites without your consent.